Cycling across Norway

When your legs get tired, cycle with your heart…

The plan was simple: to cycle about 2500 km in 15 days. I did not plan too much, because I knew there would be changes along the route. So I had all 15 stops marked in google maps, and every day I would make sure the place I’d stay for the night was vacant. In my trolley I had backup tent etc, and all food and drinks I needed the next 10 hours, and extra clothes.

Plane ticket to Honningsvåg – check. Motivation – check

Cycling through Norway was more fun than expected.

Starting from Nordkapp in 5 degrees 27.06.2020
The 15 randomly picked stops
Reindeer next to the road in Repvåg
Dried reindeer heart. Power food for a cyclist.
Vestvågøy – Lofoten
Flakstad surf beach – Lofoten
Cod dryfish in the making – Lofoten
Svolvær Lofoten
Northern Polarcircle – where midnight sun ends
50 shades of green in Finneidfjord
Tjen very red in Snåsa
Dovre – Dombås
Then very yellow in Brandbu
Heddal stavkirke in Notodden – Norway’s finest stave church?
Kviteseid – traditional “stabbur”
It all ended in Lindesnes lighthouse 15 days later

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